10 Focal Points for 2010

Oftentimes, as school owners we struggle what to focus on that will leverage our time the best and bring the greatest impact in our schools

start-your-martial-arts-business-all-over-with-top-20-things-i-would-doHere are the most important things to focus on and get your school on track before 2010 ends!

1.       Set specific goals with deadlines. Create plans to reach those goals

2.       Develop my school’s story and Core Concept. As well as, creating a experience that is remarkable!

3.       Adapt the seed time and harvest principles. Focus on helping people, start working with 30 people who will pay you with referrals.

4.       Do survey on your market and find out what exactly they want.

5.       Collect lots of reviews and testimonials

6.       Get Direct response sales pages and get them optimize for the search engines/

7.   Send lots of links to the site using those main Keywords, have it in the anchor text and link to the appropriate pages.

8.   Get lots of positive reviews and be on top in Google Local

9.   Make those face book ads keep rolling

10.   Master using the local base strategy for Google Ad words, pay as low per click as possible while still getting as many clicks from targeted traffics as possible


11.   Set up referral systems

12.   Set up “Keep In Touch” systems for retention and overall student satisfaction as well as the WOW factor!

13.   Document all Business Functions on video for training future employees

14.   Hire a virtual Assitant – this is so reasonable in price it will shock you.

15.   You must have a central database system (this is the center of your business) choose wisley. Find one that will do everything  you want it too. I choose one that has a contact managment feature, Email follow up cabability, billing and ability to create webforms for opt ins.

Work on these areas one by one for 2 hours a day and you will have the best year ever! No matter HOW your school is doing today, you CAN completely hit a home run if you focus on these areas.

Special Note – We have a brand new course that will completely disclose our new approach to REFERRAL marketing, and no it’s NOT THE SAME OLD STUFF you heard before.

Look for an email from us on Tuesday July 13th… It’s a complete System that you can easily and quickly implement that will affect new enrollments right away. We’ll send you a preview video on Tuesday July 13th.


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