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The business industry evolved out of risks. It will never be an assurance that a good start would promise a successful ending. One way or the other, the tables might turn at anytime. That is why it is important to always assess where your Martial Art business stands to make sure that you are not left behind.

The following are some Important questions that help you assess the growth of your Martial Arts business.

1. What are your personal limitations to your Martial Arts Business?

Recognizing your business limitations make it easier to determine what to FOCUS on. If you are planning to having a profitable school and a lifestyle you design and enjoy , then set your areas of FOCUS right the first time. Setting your Focal Point areas will allow you to get measurable and predictable results, anything less is just a gamble. Do you really want to gamble with your business success? 

 2.  Are your marketing strategies reaching the best prospects?

Knowing the answer to this question would help you cut down on marketing costs and predict the total revenue that you might gain. A balance of the cost and revenue would ensure a good financial start. Remember, the name of the game is to 2 things in marketing Low Cost Per Lead Aquistion and High lifetime value. Do you spend FOCUSED time working on strategies in these to critical areas?

3. How Aware and Flexiable ar you about the Climate of the Martial Arts Industry

 The answer to this question is very important since the martial arts industry is considered a seasonal business. Great economic changes would either make or break your business depending on how you deal with the changes. Being prepared for the future by creating flexible marketing techniques would ultimately prevent your school from facing its demise.

4. What makes you better than your competitors?

Finding out what YOUR Compettive advantage is will give you the ability to outsmart your competitors. If your not making your compettive advantage known to the public – the public has no reason to know you and  if the competitors outsmart you once, it may take some time before you can regain your clients’ confidence. In worst case scenario, you may never get up again.

5. How do you plan on delivering service?

This query involves your operational plan. The expectations you give to your clients must be met. In martial arts, since it is a hands-on service that you are giving, it is important that you are well-staffed to handle a sudden influx of students. Aside from that, your teachers should be well-trained too.

6. Are your goals achievable?

Waht is the MAX number of gross Revenue that your school really can produce? Knowing that answer is a great first step to creating Focal Points in your school. How can you ake intelligent choices about your school if you do not have an accurrate and realistic goal of what your school can producce? Most school owners never stop to think about this. Begin with the end in mind!

7. How would you rate your company’s present process?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on how well you keep, manage and act on what your STATS are telling you. Whothout doing this it is akin to flying a airplane with no Dashboard! Running your school by the numbers is not sexy or exciting but it is the real key to developing strategies for your business. Without this knowledge of your stats how do you know what areas to work on, to get educated in, or what systems are broken in your school.

8. How is your order and personal Productivity?

Your schools success is based upon ORDER and Productivity. And it will never rise any higher than your personal level. Productivty and Order is the name of the game for the Founder of a school. Are you orderly and productive, if not – then this is a Focal Point area for you. If you feel that you have a high level of Order and productivity then you should always be striving to get better at it. Your company relies on it!

9. Is your financial system reliable?

Since owning a business is a risk, a school owner should have a very reliable finance system. The flow of money in and out the business should be pre-determined and tracked. Do you know Is your business growing or shrinking? Do you know what your net Profit is? Do you understand your school’s cash flow? These are just some of the questions that your Financial system should answer for you.

10. Do you know what stage of development your school is in?

There 4 main stages that as business will go through and the Focal Points for each stage are differnt. in other words the areas of FOCUS for a start up school is much differnt from a school that is in rapid growth stage. Knowing this allows you the school owner to put your energy into the areas that really count at any given stage. Focus in the wrong areas will often lead to business failure. If your school is in the same spot finacially that it has been for the bast few years or it has decreased – this is most likely the problem.

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