The 3 Best Times to Ask for a Referral in you Martial Arts School.


Here are some ways when to ask for referrals without destroying the Student / Instructor relationship.

Clients praised your product or service: When your studentsĀ  tell you what a great experience they have with your school. End the conversation with “If i can ever help you or anyone you know please let me know”. You have gained their trust and you are welcoming new students in.

Referred Student: If you have a new referred student and they are happy with your school, ask them if they have anyone that they know that would benefit from training at your school. Referrals always begat other referrals.

Give the Extra Mile for a student: Make your students feel that you are going the extra mile the call duty for them. Then they will obviously notice the special effort you have made and then when the time is right ask them to introduce you to some of their friends and family.

These are just some of the best times to ask for a referral.

Of course you should have referral systems in place that automatically generate referrals.

Finally, one of the best ways to keep a steady flow of referrals coming into your school is to reward any effort a student makes to introduce you to a friend or family member and you will see how 80% of the time it produces more referrals for your school.

Lets start a discussion of the BEST referral systems that you have used and Duane and I will chime in with some of our favorites.

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