The Greatest Martial Art Student Success Story Contest

Find out How You Can Get Your Hands on this HOT “DONE FOR YOU” Marketing Piece That Will Help You Consistently Enroll More Students Each Month!



 It’s EASY & FUN Read on!


Submit Your “Greatest Martial Art Student Success Story”

To The…


Did you get the Idea for the contest from The Video?

Here is the overview, just in case…

When You Submit Your “Greatest Martial Arts Student Success Story”
either in 2 Min Video Form OR Written Form You Will Automatically
recieve Both The Finished FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Video & Special Report.

From all the Contest Entries, we Create 2 martial arts marketing pieces that will pursuade people to choose your school,
outline the “Reason Why” martial arts is life-changing and provide the critical ingredient: PROOF.

You will Feel SUPER Confident with Your Ability To Enroll More Students
when You UTILIZE the Finished Product of This Contest –
“The Greatest Martial Arts Success Story Video Commercial & Special Report”
For Your School.


Want the Detials…


I know Your Probably overwhelmed with STUFF, But it will be Worth the 15 Minutes you
put in to Submiting your contest entry to GET both the 2 powerful marketing pieces and
the chance to Win 90 Days of Free “Boost your Enrollments” Coaching in our new program




 The Contest will Run From TODAY Wed July 27th to Friday August 5th. That’s 10 days.

My Elite Platinum coaching Program members and SOS assitant coaches will go
thorough all the entries and…

On Friday Aug 12th The Contest Winners will be announced on the SOS blog.

Within a few weeks everyone that entered will recieve the Greatest MA Student Success Story
Video and Special Report just for entering the contest!


2 Super Fast & Easy ways to Enter


Here’s how to Submit Your Student Success Story

Video: Create a video no more than 2:00 in LENGTH. Please DO NOT MENTION your school’s
NAME (we want any school owner to use this collection of success stories – YOU CAN, where your
school’s T Shirt but that’s it we need them to be generic).

Then, submit the video to YOU TUBE. I have a video at the bottom of this post on
How to Upload a video file from your computer to YouTube
(I will also share how to optimize the
Video so that it shows up in google when someone in your town googles: (“martial arts classes” – in your town )
Cool – Hugh?

Don’t worry about editing, we will be doing that on our dime. We are going to take all the success stories
to create a smokin HOT marketing piece that you can use to Boost Enrollments!

Next, You Email me The Embedd Code and Link that YouTube Creates for you and email
the LINK to Include Your Name and Best Number to Contact You
if your one of the 9 Lucky Winners to win our 90 day Coaching Program – “The Boost”.


 Rather Write – No Sweat!


Written: This may be the easy way and should not take more than like 15 minutes.

Please write a 100 to 250 WORD document account of your Greatest Martial Arts Student Success
Story EITHER from your prospective of the teacher OR from your students prospective
as they told you the story. Please DO NOT add your School’s Name anywhere in the story.

As you know, we are creating a compilation that school owners who entered wil get for Free
and each story needs to be generic – we will spice it up to look really nice!

Next, You Email me your written entry and Word Document attachemnt to Include Your Name and Best Number to Contact You
if your one of the 9 Lucky Winners to win our 90 day Coaching Program – “The Boost”.

Let’s Focus on the Prize

What’s The Boost Coaching Program? 

 It is a 90 day Group Coaching Program designed to pull you out of the rut of slow or no growth in your school.

Is this You? – Months go by and no real GROWTH in your school. The SCARY part is that there are many
school owners that have not seen any growth in YEARS, struggling every month.


I know what that feels like – I was there just 7 years ago. But, there is hope, not only did I get my one school highly profitable but all of my 6 schools are ROCKING!

Also,  since then I have helped 11 other school owners transform their schools and more importantly
their lives!

The Boost Program FOCUSES on getting schools that are stuck at a certain number of students
past that platuae by giving them a Boost in 4 critical areas.

The Boost Program gives you digestable and actionable items to do over a 12 week period and keeps
you ACCOUNTABLE to get these done. ( our testing has concluded that 2-3 highly leveraged actions per week was both manageable for school owners and created Maximum RESULTS).

You will get onlline, phone and email support and resources to help you step by step in breaking through to your schools next level.

During the 90 days of Coaching –  YOUR Outlook, Bank Account and School’s Momentum
will be “BOOSTED” to the next level.

You can be one of our 9 lucky winners to win The BOOST coaching Program (valued at $397)
by Entering our “Greatest Martial Arts Succes Story CONTEST”

If you have questions about the contest or would like to submit your contest entry please contact Vanessa

Here is an entertaining video on how to upload to YouTube – The Basics

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