The ABC’S To Becoming A Local Celebrity!


Next Generation School Owners are rooted in their community; they know the right people. This can result in having many low cost marketing opportunities to help grow their school.

One of the best ways to get started is to get to know your community‘s youth services.  This is one of the first steps I took in starting a new kids program about 2 1/2 years ago.  The relationship that I have built with my local communty youth service has:

  • Helped my school acquire new students
  • Allowed me to market for free at community events
  • Helped me make a positive impact on many youth in my community
  • Was a very important reference in getting me into the local schools

Here are the ABC’S in developing a relationship with your local youth service:

  1. Google search (your town name) youth services… This will bring you to the website of the local township youth service where you should easily find their address.
  2. Make your way to the Youth Service office… Have your nicest gi/uniform on and introduce yourself to the staff. Both martial arts schools and youth services work toward improving the character of kids. Offer to lend a hand at any upcoming community kid’s events, and let them know that you would love the opportunity to work with the youth service kids….When I first walked into my local youth service I was greeted with a smile, I offered to come back and talk to the kids about “The Three Areas of Concentration”.  We exchanged information and scheduled a day for me to come back that month.
  3. Get ready to give… At you can order high quality custom double sided impact add cards. You can get 5,000 of them for only $280, that should last about three years!These custom cards are great for giveaways and will be helpful in future marketing events… Quick Note: when meeting a potential new student you should always look to collect their information (name, phone number, address, email) instead of giving out your information!
  4. Impact card follow up… Stop by the youth center and bring in your new impact add cards to give to the staff and kids. My local youth center passes the cards out to most of the kids, and has them displayed on their front desk.
  5. Free seminar follow up… On your next trip to the youth center you can mention to the staff that you a have many different hands on seminars that kids really enjoy on topics like safety, discipline, focus, and respect. Let your contact know that you would be glad to do one of these seminars for them for no cost at all.
  6. Free staff training follow up… The next visit to the youth service, offer the staff the opportunity to train at your school for free for one month. The youth service staff talks with many local families; they make wonderful candidates for your schools “Human Billboard Campaign”.

The more times you are able to “follow up” and visit the youth service, the stronger your relationship will become. I try and stop in every few months to say hi and see if my services are needed. The relationship that is developed will help you become a “local celebrity” and open the door to many other marketing opportunities.


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