Even though we are facing some tough economic times, the martial art industry is thriving! The UFC’s fan base continues to grow, making more and more people wanting to learn about martial arts. This has created some awesome marketing opportunities for the next generation school owner.

In this post you will find 5 easy steps to holding a raffle at a local bar/restaurant.

These raffles should easily bring in 25 hot leads to your school. Remember it is all about leverage!

These events should:

  • Help your school form strategic business alliances.
  • Allow your school to interact with the local community.
  • Allow your students to build closer relationships with one another.
  • Help strength the relationships you have with your students.

I have not done a UFC raffle event where all of these goals weren’t met. Currently, I am looking forward to the Shogon vs. Jones fight on March 19th .  If your school isn’t currently holding a UFC raffle event, NOW is your time to implement one for this coming title fight!

IT’S  A  NO ‘ER!

1. Find a local bar/restaurant that plays the UFC event… Find out one of the more popular places people go to watch the fights. Try and find a place that serves food so you are able to reach people of all ages. Then go in and introduce yourself to the manager, ask him or her for some menus so you can pass them out your students. This approach will always start this business relationship off to a great start.

2. Get Permission… A couple of weeks before the next UFC event stop in for lunch, and bring in a proposal letter to the manager. Restaurant/bar managers love the raffle because it adds value to their customers experience, and it brings in new people from your school.

3. Get print and staff ready… For the print material, all you need is the raffle slips. You can also bring some flyers to pass out but remember your main goal is to collect people’s information, not pass yours out. The raffle slips should have a spot for a name, phone number, email address, and how they can be reached on facebook. You should be able to fit six raffle sheets fit per page when making copies..

Next, choose some students and invite them to watch the fight and help out with the raffle. I like to invite some of my more socail students that are 14yrs and older. At Buffalo Wild Wings the manager saves us a section with a couple tables for our students to sit at. Both my students and the manager look forward to each UFC raffle event.

4. Collect people’s information… On the day of the event the goal of your team should be to talk with as many people as possible, in order to get them sighned up for the raffle. Everyone that fills out the raffle slip will automatically get two free weeks of training at your school, and have the chance to win a free month of training!

I like to draw a few winners, in order to create even more of an opportunity to get people into our school.

5. Make the calls… Pick your winners and call to congratulate them, and schedule a day for them to start their training. Next, call all the people that didn’t win, and schedule a day for them to start their two free weeks of training.

When I call the winners I always ask if they know anyone that they would like to bring with to train, or if they know anyone who they feel could benefit from martial art training? This referral technique seems to work one out of every seven times, giving me a new referral right off the phone.

If you haven’t maximized your referral system yet, you are missing out on a ton of new students! My martial art business coach always said that each new student has the ability to turn into five students… all through referrals.

Click HERE to get the exact letter that I use!

If you want your school to have a constant flood of new referrals (7-10 a month) Click Here: http://martialartsbizblueprint.com/rf.htm

I hope that you have great success at you next UFC outreach event!

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2 Responses to “UFC = OPPORTUNITY”

  1. Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out, you are right,”Pay Per View” is what I meant to write.
    Glad you enjoyed the context of the post, I hope that your school can gain a few more students from this marketing strategy.

  2. This seems like a simple workable marketing plan. It targets people who are likely interested in what we do, it’s inexpensive and allows your to make personal contact. As was said a no brainer.

    That said the e-mail that I received promoting this valuable information said, “I will explain how your school can gain students every time the UFC has a PAPER view event.”

    PAPER VIEW!!! As in VIEWING PAPER. I believe, “Pay Per View” as in paying for a viewing might be more appropriate. Marketing is about perceptions.

    But overall a solid low cost marketing tool which is likely to put more paying students in your gym each year.