Victory Patches Reward Excellence, Help Retention

Learn how to use this simple tool to help drive success at your school.

In between graduations having a way for you to recognize, acknowledge and reward your student’s daily and weekly progress is another driving force to help build success for you and your students.

They can be color coded and work for performance, academic achievement, character and leadership skills.

The Blue Victory Patch is given only when the buddy they invited as a guest enrolls in your school.

The Black Victory Patch, the first 25 points.

The Yellow Victory Patch the next 25 points.

The Red Victory Patch the next 25 points for a total of 75 points with a highlight on character and leadership skills.

Students get credit for developing good habits at home, cleaning their room, putting their things away, for self care, doing their homework on time, etc. and of course helping mom and dad.  They get credit for reading too!  Parents remain fully engaged in the process of bringing their kids signed filled out sheets.  The whole school stops and recognizes the accomplishment and especially when they earn their highly valued Victory Patches.

Remember these Victory Patches bridge the times between graduations and is on-going. They are great tools for retention.

Paul Keller

SOS Coach



As you know, in a few short weeks we will be running a HUGE contest to win the 90 Day Business Boost Coaching Program.

Basically, you get a 90 day business makeover that focuses on a BOOST in total revenue collected at the end of every month.

When it’s finally released to the public it will go for around $497 for the 90 day program.

But were giving away 9 of these programs for the Winners of our contest. You wanna little sneek peek?

Ok, we wanted to make a “Done for you” marketing piece that we could give away too our loyal readers that they could use as a “PROOF” piece to give to prospects to encourage the process of enrollment.

Were asking our SOS readers & School Owners everywhere to send in their BEST martial arts STUDENT success story by video or written essay with pictures.

These will be submitted without school branding so we can edit the video and distribute it FREE to those that enter the contest & contribuited to it’s creation as well as create an Written Special Report out of the written essay & pictures submitted. All that enter will get both the video & the Written Special Report.

Picture all of the Success Stories pointing out the benefits of Martial Arts Training!

Pretty Easy and will be 9 spots to win and everybody that enters gets the “done for you” video and special report for free!

Sounds like a win – win deal, right?

More details to come soon – keep your eyes posted for the next few weeks.

In your Corner,

Dion Riccardo

SOS – Co Founder

PS. If you would like a more in depth resource on Influence & Persuasion, check this out: Click Here to learn more about why people enroll!

If your an SOS “Insider Club” member, you already have this course and can find it under the ” Insider Training Modules” catagory.

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