What does your future student experience on day one?

You have systematically worked to get new students in the door. Now what? We all know how important the very first impression is when we first enter a new place.
A great deal of information gets communicated with your first impressions.
If done well the initial greeting will be a great opportunity to start building a long term mutually fulfilling relationship. This shared experience between you and your student(s) and their family will lay the groundwork for a successful enrollment and long term retention.
One tool I find that helps is starting with a brief personal profile. This will give you an opportunity to learn about them while completing important paperwork and sets the stage for giving a tour of your school.
Included here are the two forms I use for our loyal SOS Readers, one for children and one for adults. Remember this is a two way relationship building process as you both get to know more about each other and they see how your school is a good fit for them.
Click on Adults or  Children to get the respective PDF files.
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Paul Keller
SOS Coach
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